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Curse Land PC Game
This is third person shooter PC game which allow you to select the player you like,

switch your weapon,solve puzzles while you playing, kill enemy, take ammo,take health.

Developed by C++/DirectX 9 without using any external libraries.

XNA 4.0 Game

Ios Game using (Xcode4.3.3, Objective C, OpenGl Es 2.0)

Crocodile World Developed using Cocos2d-X

About Me

I am seeking and challenging a job opportunity in a game industry, that will help me best implement the different game development skills that I've practiced and learned, in which I would mostly find and prove myself in.Game Developer with experience in designing and developing video games for the Android, iPhone, PC, Web.

Other than that I keep learning new techniques in programming and yes, deep down I am a die hard gamer.

I am in Game industry as a programmer since 2009 experience . I enclose my resume as a first step in exploring the possibilities of employment to satisfy your requirements.